Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Office Recycling

One of the first things that brought us together was the recycling that Mani had put into effect in the office before I was hired. We work in a very small office, however the amount of paper waste is huge. I do my part as much as I can by reusing some of the paper that we use. I run some of the new reports on the same paper that old reports were printed on last week.

We also use it for scrap paper. I very seldom use post-a-notes. They cost to much for something that is just getting a quick note and then toss in the trash. I use cut up scraps of recycled paper instead. One less dead tree!

We have 2 main blue recycle bins in the office which are normally dumped once a week at the local school down the street. We feel it is our part of keeping the paper waste down. It is also good for the school since they use it for fundraising.
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