Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Working on the Dream

What is Okie Green Mama's? Maybe I should say WHO is Okie Green Mama's.

We are Shae and Mani.... two creative, positive and passionate woman that share a drive for being "green" for recycling and all things vintage and retro. We want to create and inspire with fun and functional "green" goods, share with you our love of all things vintage, retro and recycled. We share a passion for the "green" movement and the fun and thrill of creating something functional out of what many people would toss out!

How did we get here? What started out as a working friendship has become a drive to be creative and set out to make something happen. We spend many hours at work talking in our small office. We discovered that we have a shared interested in creating and recycling so with that we have created Okie Green Mama's!

Combine with Shae's love of vintage clothing and Mani's sewing talents we will be working towards the dream. The dream of being creative and doing what we love.


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